"Love People and Bring Them to Torah"  (Hillel)


Congregation Etz Chaim is a shul dedicated to Torah and its values. Etz Chaim is a welcoming synagogue; one that reflects the warmth and feelings of a large extended family. We seek to provide opportunities for our members to see the beauty of Torah, the meaningful life it represents and the achievement of individual spiritual growth through Torah study.
We strive to attain these goals through Daf Yomi, Torah classes,  Shabbos and weekday classes for women, Shabbatonim and Guest Speaker programs, Yom Tov programs, a beautiful library area and much more! All of this within a special atmosphere of community, hachnases orchim (hospitality) and an abundance of chesed (good deeds).
Come join us for a Shabbos and find your spiritual home within the loving, Torah community of Congregation Etz Chaim.

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